About us

The firm AZM d.o.o. was founded in Rijeka in 2002 by Zoran Mikić and Andrea Bralić Mikić. This small service-providing firm currently employs five employees and offers services from the fields of translation/interpreting and transportation/transfer. On the following pages you can find a detailed description of the services we provide and for any additional enquiry do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose us

The truth is that among the large number of companies engaged in passenger transportation it is sometimes difficult to choose a reliable and long-term partner. In reality, all we really want is to avoid the stress brought by frequent changes, therefore we all strive to have better and firmly established business relationships with companies in which we can find a reliable and long-term business partner.

Exactly that is our business vision for the long run, and we will list some of the main reasons why you will not go wrong if you choose A.Z.M. d.o.o. as your business partner:

Many years of experience in the transport of passengers

We have almost a decade and a half of continuous operation in the transport of passengers and hundreds of thousands of kilometers through all seasons and in all weather conditions. Our professionalism and adaptability to the client over time has been recognized by many companies that have used our services of transfer of persons, and with most of them we still have a successful business relationship.

Safety first

From the very beginning of operation our company A.Z.M. d.o.o. has paid a lot of attention to the safety of passengers and drivers. All our vehicles are always of trusted brands and of recent production and are regularly serviced at authorized service centers. Our passengers are always insured to the maximum possible amount in case of an accident.

Experienced and trained drivers

All our drivers are reliable, friendly and experienced professionals who are employed in our company for over 10 years. Your safety and comfort is our primary task, therefore all the drivers regularly pass safety driving tests. Also, there is no reason for concern about possible difficulties in communication since all our drivers speak very well English and Italian.

Car rental with driver

Wherever you go, you want to travel and arrive at your destination rested and relaxed. However, if you are not used to driving in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong wind, snow and ice, a ride can turn into a traumatic experience. We took care of that – the rental of our vehicles necessarily includes our driver, and you can completely relax and just enjoy the journey.



We provide the rental of cars with drivers for the transfer of passengers or transportation of important and confidential documents.

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Translations / Proofing

Translation of documents, business correspondence, presentations, literary works and certified translations.

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