Interpreting services

Our interpreter is a qualified interpreter for the English and Italian languages (MA in Conference Interpreting) with experience in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpreting that gained her degrees and expertise at various foreign Universities as well as working for the ICTY, EU and other international organizations.

The subjects we cover are various, from medicine to the food industry, from economy to EU issues and the non-profit sector.

The simultaneous interpreting is done in interpreting booths, while the audience listens via wireless headphones. For this type of interpreting you always have to have two interpreters that, based on interpreting standards, exchange every 15-20 minutes and interpret at the same time as the speaker speaks.

In the consecutive interpreting mode the interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes and, when the speaker completes a thought, interprets what has been said. If the interpretation is delivered to one or two persons in the room, than the interpreter is a whisperer – i.e. sits by the listeners and whispers them the interpretation (the so called chuchotage).