Technical translations

  • Laws, legal documents
  • Technical texts, estimates, user manuals
  • Abstracts, articles, conference speeches
  • Texts from the areas of social, natural, and cybernetic sciences, and economy
  • Texts relating to politics, tourism, sports, etc.

Translations of documents, business correspondence, presentations, advertising materials and the like.

  • Representation materials for fairs and exhibits
  • Marketing related texts
  • Web pages
  • Business letters
  • Power point presentations
  • Documents for official and private use.

Literary-art texts

  • novels, short stories, essays
  • literary criticism
  • fiction
  • scientific-popular and popular texts
  • drama, music, film texts
  • tourist guides

Certified translations

Written translation certified by a court interpreter, done by a translator that has passed a specific exam and was certified by the Ministry of Justice to guarantee with his/her statement, official stamp and signature the identicalness of the translation and the original.

Some examples of certified translations:

  • personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, school reports, certificates, residence or work permits, bank statements, etc.),
  • different legal and judicial documents (resident certificates, cooperation agreements, claims, decrees, decisions, minutes, test reports, examination reports, regulations, preambles, etc.),
  • companies’ documents (Commercial Court’s excerpts, financial reports, auditing reports, trade agreements, sales contracts, tenders and related documents, etc.),
  • technical documents (especially important for obtaining certificates),
  • medical and pharmaceutical documents,
  • certified translations of other technical texts, certificates, solutions etc.


We guarantee the highest quality, professionalism and accuracy under financially very favorable conditions. For the certified translations we guarantee full confidentiality and secrecy of translated materials. In case of emergency, the certified translations can be done quickly and accurately. The certified translations imply translations with legal validity and identicalness to the original which is guaranteed by the court interpreter’s certificate.